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Registering for Family Weekend in Cvent

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Those of you who have attended Family Weekend in the past may notice that we have a new registration system, called Cvent. This system works a little bit differently than the shopping-cart based system we have had in the past. In order to have a smooth registration process, please take a few minutes to review this page.

The top three things to know about our new registration system are:

  • There are two different types of event attendees – the Primary Registrant and Additional Attendees (Guests).

    If you are the person taking primary responsibility for the family registration, (perhaps because you’re the owner of the credit card) then congratulations, you are the Primary Registrant! Your Family Weekend purchases will be filed under your name and email address.

    Other people in your group, including your student(s), spouse or partner, siblings, grandparents, friends, etc. are considered Additional Attendees, or Guests. There are a few items in the registration that require individual purchase or RSVP, such as t-shirts, or Reynolds Gymnasium passes. After you have completed registering yourself and buying event tickets for your entire group, you will have an opportunity to add each attendee and make individual selections for them.

  • There are two different types of selections to make – Individual Selections and Group Ticket Purchases.

    In the Cvent system, an attendee’s Individual Selections are always made before purchasing quantity items (like Group Tickets). So if you’re the Primary Registrant, you have many choices to make, beginning with your personal Individual Selections. If you are wondering why you cannot order Gymnasium passes or T-shirts for others in your group right now, please know that you will have a chance to do this after completing the Group Ticket process.

    The good news is after the Primary Registrant has done the heavy lifting of buying for the whole family, the process of adding Additional Attendees and making selections for them is quick and easy!

  • The Family Registration Fee is required, don’t forget to check the box!
    This item appears at the top of the Group Ticket Purchases section. If you are having trouble moving to the next screen, it may be because you have not checked the box.