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Event Tickets

  • Will tickets purchased through this website be mailed to our home address?

    No. Everything you purchase at our website, including event tickets, football tickets and t-shirts, will be waiting for you at the Registration tables, located in the rotunda area of the Benson University Center. Just bring your email confirmation, either printed or on your mobile device. Because of the Friday football game, at this time we are still determining when the Welcome & Check-in area will be open. We will post the times as soon as they are decided.

  • Where should we pick up our registration information and tickets if the Registration area will be closed when we arrive?

    Not a problem! Students are invited to pick up purchases for their families with student ID. Make sure your student has a copy of your email confirmation, either printed or on a mobile device.

    If your student is unable to pick up your order:

    • Our staff will be able to check families in at the door of the most events.
    • Any football tickets not picked up will be available Saturday at the Athletic Ticket Office at Bridger Field House, BB&T Field.
    • T-shirts can be picked up in the Benson University Center, times TBD.
  • Are tickets refundable if we change our minds?

    Tickets and t-shirts cancelled after September 4, 2020 are not refundable, however families may still add tickets to their order until midnight on October 1. Between September 4-October 8, any cancelled items will not be refunded.

    The Family Registration fee is non-refundable.

    In the event of inclement weather, the refund policy continues to apply.

  • Will our student need a ticket to attend events with us?

    In general, if an event has an admission cost, this also applies to your student. Athletic events (including the football game) are often free for students to attend, but the free admission enables them to sit only in the student section. If you would like your student to sit with you elsewhere in the stadium, they will need a ticket.

    Events featuring a meal, such as the Game Day Cookout or Sunday Brunch, are not included on the WFU Dining Plan, so students will need tickets to attend.

    During registration, look for the “Student Ticket” icon which will indicate events where students need a ticket.

    Small ticket icon indicates that students will need tickets to attend an event

  • I’m thinking about purchasing (or have purchased) football tickets. Where will these seats be located?

    The Family Weekend block seats are considered “best available” seating, but these are allocated after season tickets have gone on sale. Once we have received our block, we seat families in the order of purchase according to our assessment of the “best” seat. (There are really no bad seats in our stadium!) Often part of our block falls on the visiting team’s side of the stadium, but this is also the side of the stadium where the student section is located. Some families prefer to sit near the students.

  • If I need to purchase an additional ticket at a later date, will it be seated separately from the rest of our group?

    All tickets purchased before the close of the registration site (October 1) will be seated together.

  • I’m bringing a child under age 8 to Family Weekend. Are there any ticketed events they can attend at no charge?

    Children under 8 are welcome to attend the Sunday brunch at no charge when accompanied by adults with tickets.

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