Schedule Information

It’s an Exciting Time!

Family Weekend 2020 features a Friday night Football game for the first time in Family Weekend history! The Family Weekend committee is excited for this opportunity to change up our schedule and bring new programming ideas to the table.

Normally we would leave the previous year schedule on our website so that visitors can see what a typical Family Weekend schedule would look like. But 2020 will not be a typical year! As soon as our new schedule takes shape, we will begin posting it here.

The committee will be meeting throughout the spring semester and beyond. Knowing the game time so far in advance, and having a full day on Saturday to plan activities for our families is filling us with ideas!

If there are activities you would like to see on Saturday, please get in touch! Send an email to

See you in October!

Visitors put a pin in a US map to show how far they traveled to Family Weekend