Cvent Registration Steps

Start by entering the name and email address of the Primary Registrant. This is the person who will make Group Ticket Purchases and whose name will appear on the ticket order.


You can save your order at any time in the process if you need to take a break.

Answer registration questions, enter billing information, and agree to Terms & Conditions.

Make Individual Selections for yourself, the Primary Registrant. You might choose a weekend pass to Reynolds Gymnasium, to attend the OPCD Internship Workshop, or maybe order yourself some apparel.


Don’t worry about ordering a size on this screen, we will be doing that shortly.

T-shirt ordering screen

Now scroll down to make Group Ticket Purchases. Be sure to check the box for the Family Registration Fee or you will be unable to move past this screen. Keep scrolling to Join the Deacon Club (optional) and order tickets to the football game, the Family Weekend Tailgate, and more!


You will be able to come back and make adjustments to your ticket order until September 28. After that, items are non-refundable.

You were probably wondering when you would request a size for your individual apparel order (if applicable). After finishing your Group Ticket Purchases, you will have a chance to select a size.


The deadline for apparel pre-order is October 2. While we will likely have some long and short-sleeve t-shirts for sale during the weekend, Hoodies are only available by pre-order.

Now we will add Additional Attendees.


For each individual apparel selection, you will be allowed to select a size on the next screen.

Almost finished! Review your order and the Individual Selections for each Additional Attendee. Please note that only one individual displays at a time, and all Group Ticket Purchases will display under the name of the Primary Attendee. To view an individual’s selections, click the name. To make changes, click “Edit”.


If you return to your order later to make changes, remember all Group Ticket Purchases must be changed under the Primary Registrant name.

Finally, review your selections one more time and scroll down to make your payment.
You will receive an email confirmation detailing your purchases and payment amount. Keep this email in a safe place, because your order will have a confirmation number that will be needed to access it for any future changes.

Thanks for registering for Family Weekend 2017. We look forward to meeting you this fall!