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Event Tickets

When we purchase tickets through this website, do we receive them in the mail?

No. Everything you purchase at our website, including your registration packet, event and football tickets and t-shirts will be waiting for you at the Registration tables, located in the rotunda area of the Benson University Center.  The tables will be open from 9 AM – 7 PM on Friday and from 9 AM – 12 PM on Saturday.

Where do we pick up our registration information and tickets if the Registration area will be closed when we arrive?

That’s no problem! Students are invited to pick up purchases for their families with student ID. If that’s not possible, our staff will have lists of registered families and can check you in at the door. Any football tickets not picked up by noon on Saturday will be taken to the will-call window at BB&T Field.  T-shirts can be picked up until the end of Sunday brunch.

If we wish to sit with our student at the football game, do we need to purchase an extra ticket?

Our stadium has a special seating area where students (and only students) are able to sit at no charge. To sit outside this section, students will need tickets.


If I need to purchase an additional ticket at a later date, will it be seated separately from the rest of our tickets?

As long as you purchase before the close of the site on October 20, all your purchases will be seated together.

We want to purchase tickets to the Family Weekend Tailgate. Do we have to purchase a ticket for our student?

This tailgate is a catered meal and not part of the WFU dining plan, so students will need tickets to attend. Also, just FYI, the Family Weekend Tailgate isn’t the same as attending other student tailgates held elsewhere in the stadium area.

Are tickets refundable if we change our minds?

We know things come up sometimes, so event tickets are refundable for the first 72 hours after purchase. After this period, all sales are final. Registration and handling fees are non-refundable.

I’m thinking about purchasing (or have purchased) football tickets. Where will these seats be located?

The Family Weekend block seats are considered “best available” seating, but please keep in mind that these are allocated after season tickets have gone on sale. Once we have received our block, we seat families in the order of purchase according to our assessment of the “best” seat. (There are really no bad seats in our stadium!) Often part of our block falls on the visiting team’s side of the stadium, but please bear in mind this is also the side of the stadium where the student section is located.

I’m bringing a child under age 8 to Family Weekend. Are there any ticketed events he or she can attend at no charge?

Everyone will need a ticket to attend the Family Weekend Tailgate, but children under 8 are welcome to attend the Sunday brunch at no charge when accompanied by parents with tickets.

We’re interested in the Sunday brunch. Do we need to purchase a ticket for our student?

The brunch is a catered meal and not part of the WFU dining plan, so students will need tickets to attend.